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There are times in all of our lives when each of us will need guidance and support. We are blessed to have several accomplished readers and intuitives sharing their gifts at Herbs & Arts. Our readers offer spiritual counseling for individuals and couples. They are kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable and have shared the wisdom of their individual crafts for decades. Choose weekly between Tarot, Astrology, and ancient Chinese Divination, then check out our quarterly Metaphysical Fairs as we invite guest readers to join our stellar crew.

Our Readers

Herbs & Arts is blessed with an amazing array of talented intuitive and readers. We have different readers on different days.

Ixchel (Ee-shell)

Ixchel is our senior reader as she has been reading at the store for twenty three years. She is an expert tarot reader and tarot teacher as well as an herbalist & spiritual healer. Ixchel was voted ‘Best Psychic’ in Westword magazine in 2004.


With over 20 years of magical Experience LadySpeech is a dedicated Hoodoo Practitioner and home grown Hood Healer High Priestess. Their Specialties include but are not limited to spiritual guidance via Tarot, exorcisms an energy cleansing,  customize Spiritual Bathroom election for their clients, and communication with The ancestors via mediumship. LadySpeech is a working witch / activist who uses their skills in the name of healing their community and social justice.


Called to divination and magickal pursuits in early childhood, Quinncy is a reader with multiple decades of experience. Growing up as a queer, neurodivergent person in the deep south has instilled them with a deep sense of empathy. Today they strive to utilize that empathy (along with a certification in life coaching) to meet every client that appears before them with kindness, open-mindedness and understanding. They specialize in counseling style tarot and astrology readings.


David is an experienced intuitive/clairvoyant reader who has been doing professional consultations for decades. He uses an ancient form of Chinese divination with playing cards as an additional oracle for clarity.

Reader Schedule

In-store readings resume July 6.
Readings are $35 for 15 minutes
$65 for 30 minutes
$95 for 45 minutes
$120 for an hour
Call the store to book your appointment. Walk-ins also accepted.

Mondaycurrently closed Mondays
Tuesday12-5Quinn – Tarot and Astrology
Wednesday12-5Readers may vary
Thursday12-5LadySpeech – Tarot
Friday12-5Ixchel – Psychic Tarot
Saturday12-5Ixchel – Psychic Tarot
Sunday12-4David – Ancient Chinese Divination

Call the store at 303-388-2544 to book your appointment. Walk-ins also accepted.