A crystal wand wrapped in leather

Our Shop

Walking into the shop is like walking through a portal into a place that’s altogether different and yet wonderfully familiar. A sanctuary in the city. It’s the feeling of entering into sacred space where you immediately feel safe, comfortable, and at peace. You’re greeted with an incredible smell that enlivens the senses and a warm smile and hello from our team. When we ask you how you’re doing, we actually want to know! Kind and welcoming, the space invites you to open your heart and tune into your higher self and explore the beautiful offerings we’ve gathered from around the world. 

Each of us is on our own spiritual journey. We endeavor to inspire and excite everyone on their individual path.  Explore deeper, release your fear and uncertainty, and remember that you are all Amazing Beautiful Divine Beings of Light.  Whether you’re walking in the footsteps of your ancestors, delving into herbal medicines and the Craft, or studying the wonders of particle physics and Sacred Geometries, we’re here to help you discover the tools that will empower you on your journey. We’re all waking up together, the world is shifting into a new paradigm of Love, Light, and expanded Consciousness. It’s incredibly exciting! Walk through the door, call, or tune-in online and let us find new and wonderful ways to be in service to your Soul’s journey. We look forward to being with you!
Bright Blessings and lovelovelove , the Herbs & Arts Family. 

“Blown away by this shop. I could buy everything in stock if I could. Fantastic and extensive collection of crystals and stones, incense, candles, and all of your herb needs. Friendly helpful and super knowledgeable staff. The store has a nice glow and a very cool vibe. Already planning my next trip!”
Michael Taylor