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About Herbs & Arts

Since 1993 Herbs & Arts has been serving Denver and the region, striving to be a place of healing and sanctuary to all who enter regardless of one’s beliefs. We live with a simple intention; to put forth compassion, love and gratitude into the universe. We believe that if we can inspire and empower healing and spiritual connection in ourselves and others, the world will change for the better. The many products we make, as well as the other items we carefully choose in our store, are designed to support you on your journey into the esoteric and unknown, to help you rediscover the magick and beauty that lies within the amazing Being that is YOU.

Herbs & Arts has become very well known for our ritual and magickal oils, incenses, and bath salts made in house. We create all of these blends in accordance with moon phases and astrological timing. Each item is then Blessed and charged on our altar for three days, three weeks, or sometimes longer! These formulas have been developed over the last 30 years through a mix of old school research, learning from our teachers, and our own staff’s work with their guides in the present moment. We believe in the wisdom of our elders and those that came before us, and at the same time, have come to learn, trust and honor the wisdom and information we all have access to in the present moment. We try to incorporate these ideals into all our magickal products, sometimes resulting in products changing and evolving over time.

While magick is at the heart of all we do, we also have an incredible apothecary! With hundreds of herbs and several herbalists on staff, we have created our own specially formulated line of healthcare products including: teas, salves, and tinctures. Come in or call and ask questions about any of our products. We love talking to folks about herbal medicine!

We hope you will enjoy your experience browsing the products and information on our website. It is our deepest joy to help you remember that you are AN AMAZING BEAUTIFUL DIVINE BEING OF LIGHT and to guide you to the tools that can support you on your journey. Enjoy browsing all of the products, checking out the descriptions, watching our fun videos, and check out a class or two. We’re so excited for you to be here with us! Let’s laugh, dance, sing and play and pray and play together! Bright Blessings and lovelovelove from our family to yours.

Dance in the Light!