Herbal Tea Shelf with teas for headache and sore throat relief

Herbal Consultations

Here at Herbs and Arts we proudly carry a large variety of dried herbs, a wide selection of single herb and formulated tinctures, and many essential oils. We have many trained and certified herbalists on staff that provided free herbal consultations for our customers. They can provide information to support your recovery from many different health issues. Herbs can help with the heart, lungs, muscular-skeletal system, kidney, urinary system, sensory organs, brain, emotional issues, and digestive system, just to name a few.

During a consultation, the herbalist will take a brief oral history of the condition. They may even ask to look at your tongue and feel your pulse. This will help them to determine which herb or combination of herbs will best help your issue. Most consultations result in a custom-made, reasonably-priced tea to aid with your situation. Herbal medicine is quite powerful, surviving the test of time for centuries, and may be just what you need to create better health in your life. The Herbs and Arts herbalists are here and happy to help.