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   Ganesh greets you at herbs & arts
It hits you about a block before you even see the store front, this subtle soft enticing smell. It draws you in and welcomes you, as if you've been coming here all of your life and are home for a visit. Upon entering the front door you can be sure to be greeted by a friendly smile asking you how your day is going and genuinely wanting to know.  You smile in return, unable to help yourself and you are delighted by the smells, the colors, and our dog Tucker lying comfortably right in the middle of the aisle as he has done for the past 10 years. You'll have to walk over, bend down and pet him, he's old and retired and he doesn't get up for anyone these days, but enjoys a good scratch on the neck and a belly rub.

  Mayan StatueWhere to start? It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but take a deep breath and make sure you come with plenty of time to explore the nooks and crannies of this magickal space. We have thousands of items to touch, smell, read, and experience. If you're not sure why you've come or what you need please feel free to ask anyone for help or guidance. You never need to spend money here, we welcome you to just come, relax, read a book, and find a moment of peace in this crazy hectic world we live in. Of course, we always appreciate it when you can share abundance with us, it keeps the Tucker Dog supplied on organic biscuits and us able to pay our employee health benefits, yay!

  We have over 2000 book titles to browse, a hundred or two different types of incences and that many candles as well, 400 plus dried bulk herbs, 600 different essential oils and blends, a bazillion stones and crystals, tarot decks, clothes, statues, ritual tools, greeting cards, stickers, gift items, and an amazing assortment of jewelry from local artists and around the world, phew! Oh yeah, did I mention that hugs are always free and we work with dozens of non profits locally and globally.Yay! Now, this isn't your mainstream retail store. We spend more time helping people than dusting and organizing, so if if you come in and have to step over a box or two, maneuver around the Tucker Dog, and slide past a small group of joyful people chatting in the herb section, please excuse us, that's how we roll. :) 

  So, when you find yourself in Denver, please come by and share your energy with us, because we really do love sharing our energy with you. Until then, many Blessings of Love, Healing, Abundance, and Joy. Your Herbs & Arts family

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