Herbs & Arts welcomes our new website & webstore

Posted: 11/28/2011

After years of contemplation, and a few months of work, we welcome you to the Herbs & Arts website and online store.  Please feel free to browse the site.  In addition to being a place to purchase all of your favorite Herbs & Arts goodies, our intention is to make the site informative & fun.  Need to know what a particular stone is good for, hop on our site and check out our description.  Not sure what color candle to use for your working?  look it up on our site.  Check out our recipes & fun stuff page for mixing ideas.  Stay connected to our news page for information on events in the store, the local community and important goings on astrologically and energetically.  
    You may notice a few products that do not have photos or descriptions yet, we apologize for this and they should be completed soon.  There will be new additions of products coming in the near future so please stay connected with us.  We have done our best to make sure everything is working correctly, that being said it is certainly possible we may have missed something.  PLease feel free to bring any problems to our attention and we will get our gremlins to work on it ASAP.  Thanks for all for your support over the years and we are excited about expanding our ability to serve all our friends.  Blessing & Love!

The Herbs & Arts Family.

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