Matte Onyx with Tiger Eye 8mm stone bead bracelet

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Chakra: 1st (Root), 3rd (Solar Plexus), & 6th (Third Eye)
Element: Earth

Onyx is a stone of inner strength, enhancing one's endurance and persistence to complete the most difficult of tasks. Mentally, it increases focus, boosts memory, and encourages attention to detail. Onyx is also a stone of physical strength, emanating the energy of self-mastery, and assisting in building vitality and personal power. It calms nervousness, quells anxiety, soothes hot tempers, and brings reason to passion.

Chakra: 1st (Root), 2nd (Sacral), & 3rd (Solar Plexus)
Element: Fire & Earth

Brown Tiger Eye is a stone of vitality, practicality and physical action. It stimulates the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakras, assisting one in taking effective actions in response to the challenges of life while remaining grounded, calm and centered. Tiger Eye brings balance and harmony between extremes, aiding in making choices based upon discernment instead of judgment.

8mm beads on elastic. fits most wrists

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