Jade point Pendant with Moonstone Eye of Horus 47906

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Rainbow Moonstone
Chakra: 6th (Third Eye) & 7th (Crown)
Element: Wind

Rainbow Moonstone encourage vitality, life force, and exuberant joy. It is a psychic protection stone, helping to deflect negativity and maintain clarity of energy. Rainbow Moonstone promotes healthy optimism, assisting in overcoming obstacles. It's energies are aligned with the divine Goddess, empowering the feminine aspects of oneself. Rainbow Moonstone instills courage to embrace and accept one's true self.

Chakra: 4th (Heart)
Element: Earth

Jade is a stone for healing the heart, creating balance and sense of well-being within the body. As a stone of abundance, it promotes the flow of money and fertility. Jade encourages harmony, happiness, and the power of manifestation and abundance, helping to relieve scarcity-mindedness. It carries the signature of Nature, granting access to Earth's energies in any environment.

sterling silver

Length Width Total Weight
2" 3/4" 7.6 Grams

Measurements are a close approximation

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