Divine Nature Oracle Deck

by Angi Sullins (Author), Greg Spalenka (Illustrator)
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Brand: US Games Systems

by Angi Sullins (Author), Greg Spalenka (Illustrator)

Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be? You were born golden, and the earthly experience of humanity conditions you to believe you’re made entirely of earth. But no matter how much encasing the world has put on you, nothing can change your divine nature: golden, radiant, valuable. This 44-card oracle deck is like phoenix-fire, melting away all that does not belong to your divine nature. The 100-page book is full of feathers of insight and talons of badassery. You don’t need to rise from the fire, you ARE the fire, both divine and natural, a treasure beyond your wildest imaginings. It’s time that you spent it.

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