Store Hours and services updates

Beautiful community,

COVID UPDATE: We have had one more staff test positive, We will shut down for shopping until Friday 27th. This will give us the chance to make sure all staff are COVD negative and then we can re-open with confidence THAT it will be safe for all of you and us as well. Online Order for in store pick ups can be placed. ORDERS CAN BE PICKED UP TODAY (11/20) UNTIL 6PM. TUES 24TH 10-3PM, WED 25TH 10-3PM. We should be open and ready to go again the day after ThanksgiVng. Stay well and take care of each other.


We know that things feel overwhelming right now, but with patience, kindness, grace and integrity we’ll get through this together. We’ve watched you grow and move through extraordinary challenges for almost 30 years, you are stronger than you realize. Breathe, find your center, activate you light body for optimal health and wellbeing, do everything you can to hold the frequency of love and be the Light for yourself, family, and community. We believe in you and we lovelovelove you! We are here if you need us. Call with any questions or concerns.

– Bright Blessings, Kaewyn & the Herbs & Arts family

p.s. be careful to not jump to conclusions regarding anyone who you may think is showing symptoms of an illness. Keep in mind that this is also cold, allergy and asthma season, which are common conditions that affect many people, and can also cause coughing and sneezing. Please remain considerate and caring of others!