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Kaewyn                                             Heart chakra

Store Owner

I have been joyfully serving the Herbs & Arts community for over 12 years. I began my studies with MorningGlory Dragonfly, the shop's original Mama Goddess, and have continued studying an eclectic array of spiritual and magickal traditions and practices. I have travelled to many Sacred sites around the world to find a deeper connection to the Earth and my practices. I believe with all of my being, in the goodness and beauty that exists within each individual and have a great hope for humanities continued growth and evolution. I am so grateful to be able to be in service and to help each person remember that they are amazing beautiful Divine Beings of Light and Love. If we find the courage and strength within to heal ourselves, we will in turn heal the planet


Store Owner

John Fire SpinningMy path to Herbs & Arts started long before I knew it was taking me here. I received a Master's degree in psychology and spent 9 years working as a counselor and therapist with severe mentally ill adults, specializing in people engaging in chronic self harming and suicidal behaviors. This time of my life taught me much about suffering and hope, as well as how to remain present and awake in the presence of intense emotion. However, my lessons were not complete. My awareness that there are energies far beyond that which affect our brains and habits acting upon us, and available to us, drew me to the opportunity to join with Kaewyn and adopt the store from MorningGlory. Apart from my daughter Niobi & partner Sara, nothing in my life fills me more than being able to share my gifts & lessons with those I've been able to serve at Herbs & Arts.


store mama

MorningGlory is the original founder and Mama Goddess of Herbs & Arts. We are happy to have her back helping us with content on our website, teaching a class or two, and always being available with her wisdom.   MorningGlory has followed a twisting and turning and churning, but always spiritual path for the past 30 years. Trained as a high priestess in wicca, shamanic works and spiritual guidance, she offers her insight to many subjects, such as sabbats, moonlore, tarot, meditation, grounding & more. As a Reiki Master she has taught for many years and uses her healing and psychic skills in every aspect of her life.


Jory is the most well travelled, and probably the most serious student of all of us, having spent time in India, Europe & central america studying everything from Qi Gong to celtic shamanism. He teaches classes Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan, as well as being a wonderful resource for esoteric magics, and hindu deities & traditions.


Robin brings a wide array of skills and experiences to Herbs and Arts. From his time in San Francisco in the late 60's to an 11 year stint as a teacher and administrator for an early intervention program for children, 1st grad, through Jr. High School. A maker of amazing ritual masks and beautiful jewelry, he is the artist of our crew. Need minor repairs to your well loved, over- worn jewelry give him a call. Robin has been with the Radical Faerie movement for over 30 years, living in consensus communities and practiced Shamanism and earth based spirituality since his 20's. Robin is an elder who brings the spirit of laughter and youth to his everyday activities.

Moon Phases

Our Readers

Herbs & Arts is blessed with an amazing array of talented intuitive & readers. We have different readers on different days (see classes & events page for a complete up to date schedule).


(pronounced e-shel)

     Ixchel is our senior reader having been reading at the store for well over 10 years. She is an expert tarot reader and tarot teacher, an herbalist & spiritual healer.  Ixchel was voted 'Best Psychic' in Westword magazine in 2004. 


    David is an experienced intuitive/clairvoyant reader that has been doing professional consultations for decades. He uses an ancient form of Chinese divination with playing cards as an additional oracle for clarity.


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