Mayan Ceremonial Cacao Training

Posted: 8/10/2019

The Mayan Medicine: Cacao

You all know its amazing benefits, and healing of the Heart Chakra
The Maya people of all times invoke the Presence of the Goddess Ixkakaw,
- The elemental of cacao, in their healing sessions.

Learn how to conduct a true healing ceremony with the help of this amazing potion through the exploration of our heart frequencies in
Loving wisdom,
Loving kindness
Loving strength
Loving beingness.



CEREMONY: As a time-keeper of the Sacred Mayan Calendar, an initiated Mayan priestess and a High Priestess of Melchisedek: I am here to serve the planet and humanity as an instrument in service of the living God/Goddess – to harmonize the energies of the four direction and activate vortexes for healing.
EDUCATION: As a teacher and interpersonal psychologist, I offer workshops and seminars everywhere I go. I believe in sharing the knowledge I have accumulated in order to empower people to choose a path of enlightenment, to live a life of purpose and in pursuit of happiness and spiritual unity.
GUIDANCE: I enjoy working personally with people I meet along my path. From readings to Shamanic journeys and personal meetings, I have helped support people on the spiritual path to discover how to use their gifts and talents to pursue a life of purpose and harmony.

Cost: $50

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