Crystals & stones

We are all made up of elementals of the earth. She feeds us, sustains us. It is from the earth we are born and to the Earth we return, so it makes sense to work with other earthly creations. Crystals are our allies on this plane, each has their own personality and gifts to share. Find the crystal ally that best supports what you are experiencing in your life at this moment and ask for their guidance.

  **We do have some stones in our store that we do not have up on the website, typically because we may only have a few or don't have consistant access to them.  Feel free to email us if you are looking for something you don't see. **

**We would like to thank Robert Simmons for allowing us to use exerpts and information from his book "The Book of Stones" to help us describe the specific ways each each stone can assist you.  


Cleansing & caring for your crystal: you love to get cleaned up after a long day or great weekend of camping, so too, do your crystals enjoy a good cleanse after being handled by many different people or helping you through a challenging time. We will send your crystal friends to you in a bag of sacred herbs and salts. We recommend you bathe your crystal in running water, a creek or river is wonderful, but water from your faucet will work just fine. They also love sunlight and moonlight. Some require special care and we will send that information along. Look for an article in our archives for more detailed information regarding the love & care of your crystal buddies.

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