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Advanced Tarot with Ixchel

Wednesday, March 11th and 25th  7:00 - 9:00

(This class is ongoing and occurs every other Wednesday.)

Weekly drop-ins welcome!

We will be interpreting different layouts by understanding how to use and trust your intuition. Learn to have confidence that your perceptions are right on. You must already have had a basic Tarot class. 

$20 a class.


Rated "Best Psychic in Denver" by the Westword, Ixchel has been reading tarot for 1000s of clients since 1981. We are proud to have her here at Herbs and Arts!



3 Steps to Manifestation With Jim Joy

Sunday, March 15th  12:00 - 1:30

Join author Jim Joy for a very special experience as he teaches the 3 Steps to Manifestation and Being Aware of your Consciousness, which he learned from having the unique experience of living in nature in 1976.  Living with the magic of nature, he was inspired to write many stories, including The Tales of Poe McDiddley, which describes the steps of manifesting.  Poe is the Spirit of the forest Jim lived in. The story follows Poe on his journey of self-discovery as he awakens to the wisdom of his true self.

Jim lectured at the University of Oregon for the Outward Bound program. Jim would dig crystal during the day and lecture in the evening.  His love of crystals and digging commenced when he managed the Tinkers Earth turquoise trading post in Tucson, Arizona circa 1970. In 1976 Jim famously began digging Bloodstone in Oregon having prospected the discovery and staking his claim. Jim spent an entire year living in the Oregan Cascade mountains sleeping in a hammock and eating from the land. The forest and the crystals shared much with Jim, including the steps to manifestation. Jim uses his 74 years of wisdom and levity to convey this Universal Truth.

Cost: $20


Hemp Fiber Spinning Workshop

Saturday, March 21st  2:00 - 4:00 pm

Learn how to spinnnn hemp!!!

Separation of fibers
Ret me skutch me make me twine
Teasing carding softening
Drop spindle
Floor wheel
Single ply reply multiply
Food Fiber Fuel
Hemp can save the Planet!


Led by the indomitable Hemp pioneer Agua Das



Rattle Making with Tara Seren - Two Day Workshop

March 28th & 29th, 12:00 - 3:00

In this workshop, we will be making a Shamanic Rattle out of deerskin rawhide, using semi-precious stone beads, seeds, and shells , whatever your guides specify for the medicine you want to use for the filling and naturally occurring options for a handle from trees for the handle.
Taking us back to the root of earth based cultures, rattles are played in order to access altered states for journeying, in the same way that a drum is often used. Rattles have the advantage of being small and easy to transport and are a useful companion on beach or nature walks.
Rattles are also easily used whilst dancing and can be employed during healing work to clear stagnant energies.
Making your own shamanic rattle can be a powerfully transformative process that allows you to connect more fully with your own rhythm, your ability to “shake things up”, create change, clear stuck energies and receive intuitive messages. Making a particular rattle at an important transition in your life can be a profound way to honor a rite of passage through the expression of your creativity.
The rawhide for our rattles must dry overnight, so this workshop will be held in two stages. On the first day, we will journey to connect with the medicine of our new rattle and to receive messages for its use, then shape and prepare our rawhide pieces, selecting the stones we wish to use to fill the rattle and our binding cord. We will then bind the rattles and hang them overnight to dry. The next morning, we will finish making the rattles which will then be ready to take home and use. In this way, our rattles are created over a 24 hour period and absorb the energies of both day and night into their medicine. I will take care of your rattles overnight. Please bring a blanket or mat to sit on, a journal and pen, a water bottle, something to cover your eyes if you wish and any feathers or beads that you may wish to incorporate into your rattle.
Finally, the handle I recommend you take the week before and and connect with the tree spirit you most resonate with and for the reasons you personally know in your heart and find a small branch suitable for your main rattle. Anywhere from a diameter of a penny to an antler is appropriate. consider antler, Birch, willow, cottonwood, oak ... (I will have some and some drift wood and collected various trees and plain dowels for those who don't bring one) It's always best when we connect with the elements we are putting into our medicine rattle and there will be opportunities to do so had you not already connected and if you have it will be an opportunity to connect further.

Tara Seren 303-881-2917

Cost: $150 per person ( $50 due by March 25 to reserve your space ) Contact me to pay in full up front. refunds are only possible when someone fills your place.


Inner Alchemy Series, The 3 Cauldrons of Transformation

Taking place over three Sundays: 
April 5th, 13th, & 19th     4:00 - 6:00 pm 

This 3 part course will give a basis to begin on the journey of Inner Alchemy, the path that leads to transformation and spiritual awakening. We will cover the basic concepts and practices for cultivating energy. In each class we we will delve into one of the 3 cauldrons, or elixir fields, that make up the base for alchemical transformation.
1st class- The Lower Cauldron
Cultivating vitality, igniting the fire, beginning the purification, creating the elixir
2nd class- The Middle Cauldron
cultivating love, stoking the fire, feeling and circulating the Qi (energy), establishing sovereignty, uniting Heaven & Earth
3rd class-The Upper Cauldron
cultivating wisdom, Starfire, awakened consciousness and activated Spirit, deep peace and Stellar awareness, toroidal vortexes in the human energy system
This class is appropriate for those beginning their spiritual journey and for those whom have been walking this path for some time.For those already walking the path of Spirit it will offer techniques and practice to stay on the path and further embody a deep spiritual essence.

$75 per class


The Woman on the Moon

Monday, April 6th  6:00 - 7:00 pm 

Humankind’s discovery of time and the relationship between sex and birth made us aware of our mortality. This in turn made us create stories, cultural constructs and metaphors which are deeply embedded in the collective consciousness and which have adversely changed our relationship to both nature and our sexuality.

Interestingly, the moon played a major role in the discovery of our mortality and I believe her “return”, now in high resolution, indicates the timely need for a re-interpretation of that original discovery. This one-hour class is my correlation between how the discovery of time ages ago and the update to human consciousness that we need now are both tied to the moon and feminine sexuality. (P.S. Best times to see the moon in a new way prior to the class are March 6th-11th and April 5th.)  


I’m a native Coloradan who grew up in Evergreen, then graduated with an Architectural Engineering degree from CU Boulder, specializing in Illumination (Engineering). Upon graduation, I moved to San Francisco, pursuing event lighting design and later, electrical design. Homesick, I returned to Colorado and have worked in the lighting industry ever since.

I recently copyrighted a high resolution version of the moon. Once you see the Woman on the Moon, I wager that you can’t unsee her. She is singing to her soul mate, the Earth, whom she adores. I see this as a sign of hope, power and transformation. In embracing this mystery, my hope is that I can frame the moon in such a way as to create a change in human consciousness.



Psychic Protection with Ixchel

Sunday, April 19th  1:00 -3:00 pm

Blessings all, we are so excited for this special offering by House Psychic IxChel! Psychic protection is a topic she’s fluent in and enjoys teaching. Psychic attacks affect some of us on a daily basis. You might not even be aware they’re happening but can feel the physical, emotional and spiritual affects of them! This workshop is for anyone and EVERYone. It is especially good for light workers, for those of you that work with the public, and if you’re experiencing symptoms (physical or spiritual) that you can’t explain.

In this workshop you will learn WHAT psychic protection is, HOW a psychic attack affects your system (mind, body, spirit), + tools and techniques on how to protect yourself. You will leave with educational material, a protective crystal and personal EMPOWERMENT! 

Space is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis. Reserve your space now.

Energetic exchange is $75. No refunds.



Dream Weavers with Tara Seren

Saturday May 9th 11:00 - 2:00 pm

Dream Weavers embodies the Traditional and Multicultural Archetype of the Weaver, The Spider, The Norms, Fates etc.. “We are all Weavers of our own web, we individually and collectively affect the Web of Life” Weavers are a sacred art forms designed to hold space as a reminder of the beauty of the Dreamer and the power we all have to weave our Dreams into a living reality... to re write our sacred contracts with ourselves, with others, with situations and experiences. The Weaver is meant to occupy in any space, preferably however, one that evokes the healers embraceof empowerment and Love- for self and other-as we are all connected. The magic of the Weaver is in the remembering that we all weave our own web. The focus of this workshop is not only to weave prayer and intention into our own lives through learning the creative process of weaving. It is also, an opportunity to weave intentions between Friends, Lovers, family. We also weave new threads for community and network of likeminded powerful women and men called to learn this art. In this potent time we are specifically focusing on the birth of what’s to come into this world through our most sincere authentic being and being together- midwifing each-other through. Sending out vibrations that encourage others to do the same.Bring sacred stories and songs you know and wish to share. Bring any items that have special meaning to you to attach to your weaver into a weaving of prayer and intention. All other materials are provided There will be An Opening, A Weaving, A Sharing, a mirroring, Song Prayer and activation, a returning. Ahau IT IS A CIRCLE OF CELEBRATION, OF SHARING WISDOM AND SITTING IN THE North Star Medicine Way - Blessings
Tara Seren
Tara Seren 303-881-2917
Cost: $100 per person ( $50 due by March 27 to reserve your space ) 




What are Orgone Generators? 
**Check back soon for new date early next year**

Orgone Energy Generators are like air purifiers, but for energy. The main function is to clean stagnant, chaotic, low vibrational, and negative energy from the environment and replace it with clean and energized energy. They work well in removing harmful effects from electromagnetic pollution (EMFs) caused by electronic emissions from cell phones, WiFi, TV, Bluetooth, Radio, X-rays, etc.

Orgone is the name given to Life Force, Chi, bio-energy, or subtle energy discovered by Wilhelm Reich between 1936 and 1940. Orgone is a type of energy that defies many of the laws of Newtonian Physics, and is the same energy that healers and reiki practitioners channel.

Crystal Arrays, owned by local Crystologist Angie LaRue, manufactures high quality and meticulously engineered Orgone Generators which create clean environments and have high energy outputs. This class will explore the mechanics of Orgone Generators, the effects of EMFs, the difference between Orgonite and Orgone Generators, and more. There will also be opportunities to feel the energy from Orgone Generators, as well as from other energy and frequency tools made by Crystal Arrays.

Cost: $25


Herbs & Art's Teacher and Practitioner Meet and Greet


Have you ever been curious about Herbs and Arts Practitioners and healers, but felt like you weren’t quite sure where to begin? Then this opportunity may be for you! Come chat with our various experts, all in one place for this single day, about what sort of knowledge and experience they bring to the table, and how they can enhance your life. We look forward to getting to know you better!


Our Reader Schedule 

While In-Store Shopping is Closed, our readers are offering Phone-In Readings

$25 for 15 minutes, $80/hour

Mondays:     1  - 6      Melanie Marquis - Tarot
Tuesday:      1  - 6      David -Ancient Chinese Divination (303-431-3667)
Wed:          10  - 3     Jory - Runes  (Call 720-951-9828)
Thursday:    1  - 6     Ixchel - Psychic Tarot (Call 303-329-3455)
Friday:         1  - 6     Ixchel - Psychic Tarot (Call 303-329-3455)
Saturday:   12  - 6    Ixchel - Psychic Tarot (Call 303-329-3455)
Sunday:     12  - 5    David - Ancient Chinese Divination (303-431-3667)

For Astrology appointments, call Tom Parks, our Astrologer,
at 303-692-9299.



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