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Since 1993 Herbs & Arts has served Denver and the region, striving to be a place of healing & sanctuary to all who enter regardless of one's beliefs. We live with a simple intention, to put forth compassion, love & gratitude into the universe with the belief that if we can inspire & empower healing and spiritual connection in ourselves and others, the world will change for the better. The many products we make, as well and the other items we carefully choose in our store, are designed to support and facilitate these intentions. Our dear teacher Morning Glory birthed this dream into life when she began Herbs & Arts. With much gratitude, Kaewyn & John took over the store from her in 2001 and they have tried to carry these ideals forward as we have grown.

We are blessed with a knowledgeable and dedicated staff.  The Herbs & Arts family possesses a wide ranging set of knowledge & experiences to serve you. Between us, we have led large community rituals, travelled to & prayed at sacred sites around the world, and learned from teachers within Wiccan, Hindu, Native American, Celtic, Buddhist, Mayan, Faerie & Orisha communities. These experiences & the lessons we received from them, we joyfully share with all of you in the spirit of service.

Herbs & Arts has become very well known for the ritual & magickal oils and incense we make in the store. These formulas have been developed over the last 20 years through a mix of old school research, learning from our teachers and our own staff's work with their guides in the present. We believe in the wisdom of our elders and those that came before us, and at the same time, have come to learn, trust and honor the wisdom & information we all have access to in the present moment. We try to incorporate this ideal into all our magickal products, sometimes resulting in products changing and evolving over time.
All of our oils & incenses that are made with a specific energetic intention, are done so in alignment with the moon phase and/or astrological occurances that will best heighten their energetic properties. They are then placed in sacred space on our in-store alter to be further charged before they are ready to be available to you.

We hope you will enjoy your experience browsing the products & information on our website. We intend to provide lots of information, recipes and education, along with all the tools you need for your journey. Let's laugh, dance, sing and play & pray & play together!!!

Dance in the Light!

-- The Herbs & Arts family

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